Services-Fire Safety in 3D

Project Summary

This project aims to develop an end-to-end cloud service system for homeowners and fire-fighters in order to provide real time incident emergency response to fight fire hazards and also provide homeowners with holistic fire safety safeguards and predictive analysis pertaining to fire resistant devices and fire prone hazards in the homes. In the last ten years, more than 95 firefighters lost their lives fighting structure fires inside residential properties, and more than thirty thousand common people lost their lives unable to be saved by fire-fighters due to several factors like, outdated fire safety checklist, fire hazard prone devices in homes and no pre-incident plan for their local fire departments. Within the recent years to come, smartphones, tablets, robotic appliances and AR/VR headsets will have the capacity to support 3D cameras, which will be one of the common approaches of homeowners to utilize in providing 3D scans of their properties.

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