Voice AI IoT model for rescue operations among first responders for disaster management

Project Summary

While few studies exist in the use of Internet of Things (IoT) in indoor disaster management scenarios, there is a significant absence of research and scalable products in voice command assistant based IoT solutions for public safety and emergency responder situations like mass transit accident, floods, active shooter, and other incidents where just-in-time response and immediate aid are essential. Public safety is the cornerstone of our research study. Social networks drive consumer adoption of IoT technology because users seek feedback from peers, family, and social media influencers to lessen IoT product or service uncertainty. Prior research has demonstrated that customer trust affects IoT adoption. With the advance in Industrial IoT (IIOT) in disaster management, we have solutioned Zenext-IoT (ZIOT) which runs on a core voice command technology for public safety personnel. The goal of this research is to evaluate the degree to which first responders are willing to use the Internet of Things-based disaster management framework that has been proposed. This research aims to solve an urgent and imminent solution of providing the target segment of public safety officials and rescue worker with hands-free voice command virtual assistant IoT model. Our target users are emergency responders and rescue workers for whom technology needs to be simple to use and just-in-time.

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